LAMENT II - Grusomhetens Teater




On a “naked” stage without any scenography or dialogues, three women in very simple costumes are performing the art of crying.
“Lament II” is a continuation of “Lament”, which had its world premiere at Grusomhetens Teater in 2015 as a part of Oslo International Dance Festival (CODA). In this musical, stereophonic dialogue, a third woman, Mika Hibiki from Japan, joins the two women in black, Hanne Dieserud and Sara Fellman.
The premiere of “Lament II” took place on the 20th of February at Grusomhetens Teater’s stage, and in July “Lament II” will be presented at the 13th Theater X Internationa Dance + Theater Festival (IDTF) 2018 in Tokyo, Japan at Theater Xcai.
This play is a prototype of Antonin Artaud's theatre and a perfect example of Jerzy Grotowski’s theory of “poor theatre”. A theatre that values the body of the actor and its hidden relation with the spectator.
“Lament” is an expression of grieve, it means “cry” or “sorrow”. It is an existential cry. The Earth’s cry; -the cry of human’s existence, which is kept inside and hidden because of the rigid restrictions of our civilization.
But the theater should be free, anarchistic.
A cry releases the freedom, helps it break through.


LamentII_tokyo from Grusomhetens Teater on Vimeo.



«This time Hanne Dieserud and Sara Fellmann are joined by the Japanese dancer Mika Hibiki. With her the despairing fellowship of the two women is provided a new member with a different approach to the issue at hand. A more forthright, more advancing energy – Asian, if you like. The religious dimension and stagnant grief is subdued, in favor of the liberating potential of crying. The liberation does not come as a revolution, more like a gradual movement towards clarification and a defined fellowship between the three women.»
Chris Erichsen, Scenekunst
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«The physical expression is really impressive to behold. We’re talking fingertip precision, and the movements contain a nerve that upholds the tension throughout. What parts are improvisations and what parts are directed? The answer is hard to find, but the result is you can easily sit for an hour watching tree women grieving on an empty stage. Hats off to Grusomhetens Teater og Lament II!»
Stine Sørelsen, Teaterungdom
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«With Lament II we certainly find ourselves miles away from the adornments of the institutionalized theatre: A naked stage, three women dressed in floor-length dresses, long hair – covering the eyes. During the hour long performance, we never see their faces. The body language is far to weighed down by the Earth, turning its back to the outstretched and the graceful; instead it’s crippled and distorted. They lay there for a long time, like small, dark bundles on the ground, while spastic movements and sounds along the lines of tentative squeaks, whimpers and moans fill the performance. »
Kjersti Juul, Vårt Land
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Concept and direction:

Lars Øyno

Lighting Design:

Jan Skomakerstuen

Producer/ Assistant Director:

Claudia Lucacel


Thomas Sanne

Press Photos & Video:

Claudia Lucacel

Graphic Desgin:

Thomas Dabrowski


Hanne Dieserud
Sara Fellman
Mika Hibiki