THEATRE & SCIENCE - Grusomhetens Teater



Through this performance, director Lars Øyno and the eleven actresses investigate two texts by the French poet and theatre legend Antonin Artaud, ”Deranging the Actor” and ”Theatre & Science”.


The piece aims to bring about a necessary transformation of the actor, the human body and of the world. The patriarchal hierarchy of the world suppresses the creative force of life, controls the fertility and the visions of women, and distracts human thought through the endless attention given to trivial details, but here patriarchy is put on trial and will receive its judgment. Since the stage is only occupied by women, and they were involved in all aspects of the creative process, women’s perspectives of the world are expressed.


The aim of the performance is to rediscover ideas, experiences, and thoughts that are lost in the current scramble for material wealth. The eleven actresses seize their bodies, souls and voices, emitting a scream which can point out the direction for a total physiological revolution, without which nothing can be changed.
«Teateret er tilstanden, stedet, punktet der man kan gripe den menneskelige anatomi, og med den helbrede og styre livet.»
Antonin Artaud



Concept and direction

Lars Øyno


Hanne Dieserud
Odille Heftye Blehr
Camilla Vislie
Fernanda Branco
Nelly Winterhalder
Nina Sponnich
Maria D. Ramvi
Anette Pettersen
Johanna Mørck
Cathrine Røisli Tyssen
Kjærsti Odden Skjeldal


Ole Jacob Børretzen
Gjøril Bjercke Sæther
Thor Eriksen
Lars Øyno


Ingrid Tønder


Lars Pedersen

Light technician

Jan Skomakerstuen

Stage managers

Mathilde Hartviksen Dale
Gjøril Bjercke Sæther