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Workshop – The Actor and Alchemy

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Physical and vocal exercises for a scenic precision in the room.

• The unpredictable actor

• Breathing and relaxation

• An understood rhythm

• The group and the individual

• Text and body as characters

The workshop aims to provide a basis for stage presence through the actor’s body and voice. The work will, among other things, focus on physical actor techniques from Jerzy Grotowski, and methods related to Antonin Artaud’s theatre theories.

In addition to practical exercises and improvisations, a brief orientation will be given about the physical side of the actor’s work with reference to different traditions.

Participants must wear loose training clothes. Have a text and or a song learnt for work material.

About the teacher:

Lars Øyno graduated from the Norwegian Theatre Academy in 1984. He participated in theatre and film as an actor from 1984-2021.

Leader and director of the Grusomhetens Teater since 1992, Øyno has produced 32 performances for the company as well as tours, workshops and lectures at home and abroad.

Binding registration with payment by 4 February 2022.

A 5 day workshop
with director Lars Øyno
– actor training at
Grusomhetens Teater

14 – 18 February, 2022

Time: 10.00.-15.00

Course fee: Kr. 3000,-

Hausmanns gate 34,
0182 Oslo
The main entrance is at
the back of Vega Scene.

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