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Flowers for Torgeir

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A performance from Odin Teatret produced by and with Roberta Carreri


Performed at Grusomhetens Teater 5.,.6, og 7. of May 20:00
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Aftertalk with Roberta Carreri


Can grief become a light that illuminates one’s path in life?


In 2010 I lost my partner of many years, in work and in life. The loss of a dear person has two dimensions: grief and gratitude. The joy that has filled my life over so many years in his company, shines through the grief and makes it transparent. There is no cure for grief. One must learn to live with it, like with a chronic illness. I am not the same I was before Torgeir’s death, never will be. But I am still able to sing and smile, feeling the presence of his absence following my steps. It is said that you die twice, the second is when you are forgotten. I don’t want Torgeir to be forgotten.

Roberta Carreri


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Torgeir Wethal was born in Oslo, Norway in 1947 and discovered the world of theatre when he was eight years old. He was only eleven when he began to earn money performing on a traditional stage. At seventeen he met Eugenio Barba and became a founding member of Odin Teatret. At nineteen, Torgeir moved from Norway to Denmark with Barba and the ensemble, settling down in the small town of Holstebro. Here he lived and worked, alternating local activities and international tours, until the day he died on June 27, 2010. He was 63 years old.


Torgeir took part in the rehearsal of the performance The Chronic Life, up till one month before he passed away. His scenic presence was unique. And I miss it since he died. That is why I made this homage to him.


Flowers to a great actor.
Flowers to a great person.
Flowers to Torgeir.

Roberta Carrer