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Body and voice.
Plastic and vocal exercises to work on the performance precision in space.
The unpredictable actor
Breath and relaxation
An understood rhythm
The group and the individual
Text and body as sign
The aim for the workshop is to give a base for working on presence through the body and the voice. From this base new layers and challenges will be given.
In addition to exercises and improvisations the participants will learn about the physical aspects of an actor’s work based on different traditions from Jerzy Grotowski and Antonin Artaud.
The participants should wear loose and comfortable clothes and bring a text or song they know by heart for the workshop.
* Festivalpass: 1500 NOK
(includes 2 workshops and full weekend program)
* One workshop: 800 NOK
Supported by Dansens Hus, Skuespiller- og danseralliansen, PRODA – profesjonell dansetrening og Kulturrådet.