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Njals Saga – A Burned Opera by Atli Ingólfsson

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Njals saga, or Njála, from the 1270s are considered the first novel in the Nordic Countries. Heroes Gunnar from Hlidarendi and Kare Solmundsson fights against villains like Murder and Flosi. The wise man Njål is a law man who is burnt inside his house by their enemies, along with his entire family. The story is also named Brennu-Njáls Saga (Burned-Njal´s saga).
In this Cinnober production violence breaks out where language ends. This in turn gives birth to new violence in a never ending chain. The language is equal to violence. Njals Saga is here presented with the expressions of musical theater, new text, ritual acts and danced physical theater. The music is written as an opera. Throat singing, chanting and sound art merge in a acoustic and electronic composition forming a beautiful and violent tale.
Njals saga is created by composer Atli Ingólfsson, director Svante Aulis Löwenborg and writer Ludvig Uhlbors. While Ingólfsson made the musical score, he made the libretto from the text by Uhlbors, who also created the stage design and costumes. Löwenborg has the light design and directing was made by Ingólfsson and Löwenborg in collaboration.
Atli Ingólfsson collaborates in this production for the third time with Cinnober, the former being the operas Suzannah by Jon Fosse and Play Alter Native by Finn Iunker. Ingólfssons music has been performed by The Arditti Quartet, The Oslo Sinfonietta, The Caput ensemble, The Poing trio, Ensemble Intercontemporain, KammarensembleN as well as The Iceland Symphony Orchestra. Cinnobers Teaters musical theater works has previously been presented at The Ultima Music Festival in Oslo and The Black Box Teater.
For more information: or 48235606
Plays at Grusomhetens Teater, Hausmania, Hausmanns gate 34 i Oslo
18 February kl 19.00
19 February kl 19.00 length ca 70 minutes