Grusomhetens Teater | Synkehull plays 5. 6. and 7. of November


Synkehull plays 5. 6. and 7. of November

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KristinsdottirWIllyson with Børmark and Borchgrevink presents: “Synkehull”.
ATTENTION! Limited tickets. Tickets kr 150, cash or “Vipps” in the door. To reserve tickets, please send an email with name and number of tickets to The performance starts at 19:00 every day it plays.

In 2012 Jeff Bush lies, as a ordinary man from Florida, in his bed and relaxes when the earth opens up and swallows him alive. This event is the basis for the theaterperformance “Synkehull”, where the audience is brought into all sorts of cavities.

The observant floridian would maybe get some premonitions, noticing the small beginning cracks in the floor and the steps over the floor with a new sound to it.

But Jeff,sad to say, did not notice anything particular. Maybe because he had something different, something serious and burdensome, close to paralyzing to think about.

Maybe the nights was burdened by demanding, stifling images of the future, everything he wanted to achieve, but was not sure he was up for.

Maybe he was full of anxiety for life or stagnation. Maybe he for a long time had sought his inner self and his voice, maybe he lived convinced that if he just burried himself deep enough, he would understand who Jeff Bush really was, and he would finally be able to put his finger on where the nocturnal pains originated.

But maybe also he had gotten so deep that he was hollowed.

“Synkehull” is a performance about digging. The goal is a common handling of fear, maybe also a little hope. A hole is also an opening!

Kristinsdottir, Willyson, Børmark and Borchgrevink has worked with performances like “Forbrytelse og straff”, last part of an theater triology “Klassikere for kids”.