Grusomhetens Teater | «A ferry game» Grusomhetens Teater den 22. august kl. 19.00


«A ferry game» Grusomhetens Teater den 22. august kl. 19.00

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«There are three strangers, relatively young Russian female couch-surfers from Saint Petersburg, who find themselves in a second-class cabin of a tourist ferry, called the “Castalia”, for a long-awaited short vacation, bored to death, trying to speak broken international English in order to practice a little before arrival, but when talking becomes too boring they decide to play some games…»



DIRECTOR and WRITER: Dmitry Tyotkin
MUSES: Ekaterina Dar, Raya Doschanova, Dinara Yankovskaya
MUSIC: Marco Mosquera


Pris: NOK 200, redusert pris: 150, betales kontant ved inngang.
Varighet: 90 minutter, deretter 15 min. pause før 45 minutter post performance diskusjon, med utøvere og gjerne publikum.
(Forestilling og diskusjon vil filmes.)


Om regisssøren Dmitry Tyotkin:

An awardwinning Russian creative writer within film and literature, in the beginning of his career as a theatrical director, as a recent graduate of Moscow’s School of Advanced Theatre, known for its experimental approach to teaching a “new generation” of directors.


Being interested in the borders between “experimental” and “traditional” artistic experiences, the director´s extended university background consists of philosophy and cinema, enthusiastic as he is about theatre which develops that quality of, “We are made of the same stuff that dreams are made of. His recent work A ferry game, is a result of a 3 months intensive international creative laboratory. As the performance and discussion in this specific way assumedly never will be repeated, this is the unique chance to see this production.The cultural differences between the audience and the creators can also be seen as a kind of magnifying glass, which in itself is an object of discussion.


PR-assistance: ELENA VOLIK


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