What a Glorious Day! – 2011What a Glorious Day! – 2011 - Grusomhetens Teater


What a Glorious Day! – 2011What a Glorious Day! – 2011

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What a Glorious Day!

[eight_columns] Idè og regi: Lars Øyno
Skuespillere: Hanne Dieserud, Camilla Vislie, Ivar Ørn Sverrisson og Jimmie Jonasson
Musikk: Lars Pedersen
Kostymer: Gjøril Bjercke Sæther
Lys: Jan Skomakerstuen
Scenografi: Tormod Lindgren
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[eight_columns]Nå flankeres Ibsens formaning om å beskikke sitt hus, med Bendik Riis lengsel etter nettopp hjemmet, familien og det nære. Med fredsvennen som dukkemester inngår Cowboyen giftemål med Indianerjenta, Riis ber oss bygge palasser for småfuglene…[eight_columns] Vi møter fem aktører. Fire skuespillere og en musiker.
Vi er i lyset. Vi er i våren.
Dette er rituelt teater, dette er Grusomhetens Teater!


“Å studere det onde for å frembringe det gode er ikke det samme som å studere det gode i seg selv.”
“Er et godt fenomen gitt, vil jeg finne fram til dets årsak.”

Isidore Ducasse


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[nggallery id=19]The play was performed from the 18th of March to the 10th of April 2011 at Grusomhetens Teater’s stage in Oslo.


Concept and director: Lars Øyno
Actors: Hanne Dieserud, Camilla Vislie, Ivar Ørn Sverrisson og Jimmie Jonasson
Music: Lars T. Pedersen
Costumes: Gjøril Bjercke Sæther
Light: Jan Skomakerstuen
Scenography: Tormod Lindgren
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“I carry you within me like a pearl.”
Simon, the new Theologian

[eight_columns]What a Glorious Day!, is inspired by the life and works of the Norwegian artist Bendik Riis. While his work may not be well-known internationally, his story speaks to us all about the fundamental aspects of being human. We explore the intimacy and protection of the home, both as a physical and social space, and the anxiety and vulnerability that can emerge when we are unwillingly separated from it. [/eight_columns]

[eight_columns]Riis had a contradictory and troublesome public life, and on several occasions he carried out seemingly bizarre and aberrant stunts in the streets of his hometown, which was one of the reasons he was committed to a mental institution. This piece challenges us to reconsider our perceptions of normality, and asks us if there is no room for innocence, naïveté, and simple joys in society.[/eight_columns]


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