Our stage

The theater is not available to rent from 15th of August 2019 until 10th of December 2019.

The stage:
Our stage is located in a former factory hall and can be rented as a performance space or for other activities. It has sprung wood floors, new electrical systems, and measures 8x14m with 7 meters of ceiling clearance.


Download floor plans in PDF format here:
side wall >>
window wall >>
back wall >>

We have the following light equipment:
– 8x floodlights
– 19x 650 W Profile lights
– 12x 1000 W Profile lights
– 9x P23’s
– 7x 650 W Fresnel
– 5x 1000 W Fresnel
– 4x PAR 64 Floorcan
– 9x PAR 64
+ various filter frames and gobos.

We have the following sound equipment:
– 1x Behringer UB2442 mixer
– 2x Behringer B1220 loudspeakers
– 2x Behringer B 1800 loudspeakers (base)
– Behringer EP 1500 and EP 2500 amplifier
– 4x sennheiser 845s microphones with stands
– Various microphone and loudspeaker
– cables + cd player We also have a video projector

The amphitheatre has 76 seats with the option of an extra row of benches on the stage, allowing a maximum capacity of approximately 90. These is also a foyer, office, and dressing rooms. The fire department has inspected and approved all emergency exits etc.