Guest performance «COLA» by the NAAN/The Bread Theater Company from Iran

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Grusomhetens Teater will offer residency to the Iranian experimental theater group NAAN/The Bread Theater Group from Tehran, and program their production “Cola” on 05. – 07. December. The Bread Theater Group, despite the huge obstacles of censorship in the Iranian theater industry, manages to express within metaphorical approach a more “experimental” and “European” theater.


“Cola” is a grotesque physical performance written and directed by the group’s founder Nasir Malekijoo, that addresses the issue of consumerism in modern societies. 


This collaboration was initiated during Grusomhetens Teater’s participation at the Fadjr International Theater Festival in February 2019. 


Actors: Pegah Kazmi, Mansour Cheraghypour
Director: Nasir Malekijoo
Producer: Hassan Judaki 
Assistant: Zahra Salimian
Stage Manager: Hesam Mohammadipour  
Light designer: Hossein Taherbakhsh 
Musician: Foad Mohyeddinghomshei
Guitar: Arvin Bagherbeyki
Accordion: Hanif Soltani
Make up: Fatemeh Rassael 



The brief description of the story:


A son and a father are living to gather in an isolated place with a thousand steel and tin canned foods.

The father is radically amazed by canned foods and encouragingly forces his son to follow his structures.  However, the son prefers to eat fresh foods and meet. The controversy continues till suddenly…


About the play:


“Cola”, as at first glance is reminiscent of the ubiquitous well-known American brand, “Coca Cola”, uncovers the caricature-like ironic viewpoint of Nasir Malekijoo over the issue of “consumerism” in modern societies. “Obesity” and many other diseases and disorders of the modern world are considered as part of the vast repercussions of the stereotyped anomalies grown in today’s consumer-oriented societies. In the play written and directed by Nasir Malekijoo, man has turned into a commodity that pursues his ideals and aspirations on commercial billboards and in shopping centers. He just like any other commodity would be isolated in a corner without any movement. In this play, the ancient legend of “Abraham and Ishmael” according to the “Torah” is satirized and the father, contrary to the popular legend, decides to eat the son.


In the play ‘Cola”, the director like the rest of his works, intelligently intends to use the visual elements of the stage to convey the true story to the subconscious of the viewer rather than express the story by itself. According to this interpretation, the monotonous and dazzling color of the set and costume of the actors, the exaggerated physical form of their bodies, their gestures, and the absurd mise en scène, all try to illustrate a caricature-like satirical image of the current world.


About the group:


The Bread Theater Group was founded in 2007 by Nasir Malekijoo. The Bread is the symbol of all human’s physical needs. The matter of human’s suffering for reaching his desires is the main issue in group’s productions. The group tries to reach high quality works with deep philosophy look toward the word in the shape of grotesque and comedy. The director has been inspired by his own imaginations and built surreal visions by using huge and abnormal setups. The group doesn’t follow the stereotyped shape of storyline, instead, they believe in episodic structure which may remind you of communists’ societies and silent movies of Chaplin and Keaton.

Working in Iran with huge obstacles of censorship has made the group full of creativity in order to artistically across from the red lines with a metaphorical approach towards the avant-garde theater. In this situation, the way of presentation of a play would be full of pictures associated with symbols and understandable for many nations.


About the Director:


Nasir Malekijoo, born in 1984 Tehran, Iran, is a graduate of “drama studies”. After graduation, he started to create a variety of plays with an eclectic approach towards “experimental theater” and “European theater”. As a writer, director, set and costume designer and actor, he tries to portray a unified monolithic world that is defined and developed by his own individual mindset. He has been seriously and professionally involved in the Iranian theater industry since His tendency to visual arts has made him inclined to a particular type of .2006 dramatic art which is called “visual theater”. His main mindset in drama, as he himself calls it, is “theater as a cartoon”. He regards bitter satire (grotesque) as one of the most prominent elements of his works and tries to portray the stereotyped anomalies in human life in an exaggerated way. He has currently got his master’s degree in the field of “Fine Arts” at the Bauhaus University Weimar in Germany.


5th, 6th, & 7th December at 19:00


Ticket orders: & at the door.
Doors open 1hour before the show starts.
For groups over 10 please contact us at


Price: 200,- / 150,- NOK
Payments with card, cash or vipps.